Round Table is a social networking and charitable organisation for men in their 20s, 30s and early 40s, founded in Norwich, in 1927. It is open to all men aged between 18 and 45. Membership of Round Table (a.k.a. Table) provides a selection of social and community service related opportunities for its members, who come from all parts of the community.

Round Table are the Largest Voluntary Organisation for Young Men in Great Britain and Ireland.

The name “Round Table” is not directly drawn from Arthurian Legend; rather both its title and its maxim comes from a speech made to the British Industries Fair in 1927 by the then Prince of Wales ‘The young business and professional men of this country must get together round the table, adopt methods that have proved so sound in the past, adapt them to the changing needs of the times and wherever possible, improve them’. The phrase “adopt, adapt, improve” is a key facet of the organisation, and is often seen on Round Table literature and regalia.

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AGM 2018

So another year passes us by and the AGM for 2018 has been held on Tuesday, 25th April 2018. The following officer elections were made: Chairman: Mark Williams Vice Chairman: Steve Buckley Secretary: Peter Halliwell Treasurer: Steve Buckley Sports Officer: Nigel Farrar I.R.O: Peter Henderson House Officer: Anthony Stubbs (last year) House Understudy: Steve Williams